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July 30, 2012


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RTN's Q & A

1. What naruto's reaction when he met his parents?
When naruto met his parents inside the hokage office, he was totally shocked but he tried not to befriend them because theyre not his real parents.

2. How naruto got his hokage cloak?

The 4th Hokages cloak was actually Sakura dad's cloak. So in the movie instead of Minato being 4th Hokage it was Sakura dad who was hokage. She sees the cloak in her closet and puts it in her brown bag. So then she fights AU Masked MAn only to get one punched KO and drops the bag that has her fathers cloak. Naruto picks up the cloak and Minatos kunai and tells them that he is going after Sakura alone.

3. Why minato slapped his son, naruto?
He was slapped by minato for putting his mother in danger and for being brat for not trusting them. But when kushina came in to hugged her son, naruto started to soften up.

4. What kind of power do the Masked Beasts have? Or they don't show any real tecnique or power?
To be honest, those masked beasts didn't do anything. There were two other summons. One seems to just have long clothing as a jutsu while the other was just carrying a scythe. They also showed no real cool powers other than filler really....They just appeared in the scene being useless and to get their asses kicked by akatsuki...bwahahahaha

5. What's the story of the DVD Motion Comic?
Compilation of NS manga including the movie....this means, the movie is canon.

6. What AU Evil Naruto looks like?
If you saw Menma from the latest commercial of RTN, then i would say he is so COOL. He looks like the combination of sasuke and naruto in one. The coolest part is when menma absorbs toby and releases his sharingan.

7. Did kushina use her Chakra Chains?
In AU world, she didn't. Kushina used her chakra chains on the remake of her "flashback" death scenes.

8. What was Sakura's overall perception of AU Sasuke? What is sasuke's last scene to sakura?
When Naruto and sakura met AU sasuke, Sakura's reaction is like "Oh Hey, why are you here?", same reaction as Naruto. Naruto didnt even blink which I thought was funny. She  was in love with AU Sasuke when she received a huge rose from him until she realized AU Sasuke is a playboy, who gives a Rose to every girl in Konoha. She cries and runs away.

His last scene was giving a rose to a random girl and grabbing her by the arm and hugging her. In which the other girls just squeal. And of course Sakura sees this and remembers the rose the Sasuke gave him earlier and realizes he doesnt care about her.

9. Do Itachi and Sasori fight at all?
Itachi and Sasori fight in the beginning of the movie but Sasori was just shown flying around. Itachi did nothing in the movie except show his Sharingan to Tobi in which Tobi left....bwahahahaha

10. What naruto said to shino inside the Public Bath Tub?
He said shino has "Tiny" penis...hahaha

11. Is there some final scene with the AU rookies?

Well sadly, the last scene with AU Konoha 11 was when Sakura tried to help Lee up and manages to rip his entire clothes off showing Lee in a Bra and Panties type clothing. In which Sakura yells PERVERT!!! So if you havent read the spoilers..........Lee and Neiji were caught peeping and they both got beaten up by AU Hinata...hahahaha

12. Is AU Hinata Menma's girlfriend?

I dont think they're an official couple. Although you would think it the way AU Hinata threatens every girl including sakura who got close to Naruto (They thought naruto is menma). And all her scenes in this movie was SEXY.

13. What jutsu's does Menma use and what roll does Tobi play? Is Tobi unmasked?

Menma has a Rasengan type Jutsu that is biju-dama/pain level. He can use a summoning Jutsu that summons a group of his own fighters. For some reason he has a repel or stop type jutsu. Like when Naruto and Sakura first meet him they throw a Kunai at him only to be stopped short of hitting him. I thought he was going to repel it but it just dropped to the ground after that.

So Tobi preety much meets Naruto and Sakura and send them to the AU universe so he can try and get the Kyuubi from that Universe. The rest shows Tobi in phased form in the other universe. So when Menma got weak he took over his body and fought Naruto and lost.

14.  What your opnion about Naruto and Sakura's bond?
In the movie, Sakura actually mentions someting like. So this is how Naruto lives eh. At first she was happy but then when she walked around and saw some kids with her parents and felt lonely. She acknowledge Naruto strength and wanted to apologize to him. Only to find Naruto having fun with his AU fake parents. It was nice scene because it was Sakura looking at a window and seeing naruto happy. She decided to kept her feelings for the sake of naruto's happiness.

15. Who does Minato fight? Was he nerfed in power in the movie?

Minato fought Gamabunta who was guarding Jiraiyas grave but used his Kunai Teleport to just kick everyones ass. He then fought his son but was overpowered because Minato was worried about saving the Hokage. The coolest fight so far is the "flashback" scenes of minato vs toby.

16. Why the akatsuki helps naruto?
From what i've learned in this RTN movie, Itachi actually says they were hired by Tsunade. So Im assuming AU Akatsuki was hired to save Sakura not fight Menma. This is  it seems itachi is the leader of the group, not pein

17. Any sasusaku and naruhina moment?
None, ONLY Sasuke gives Sakura a rose when he comes and crashes her place while she is changing and Hinata just seems to tell every girl including sakura to back off Menma.

18. What was your fave/coolest part of the movie in general?
My favorite part was definitely the re-make of Minato and Kushina death scene.The coolest part was actually when Naruto had a flashback of his parents and what they were REALLY like. And he took Sakuras' dad Hokage cloak and put it on.

19. Why did she get mad at the scene in their home, when her hair was flying and she yelled "NARUTOOOOO"?
Well, Naruto knew that his parents are fake. He didnt want to eat whatever Kushina cooked so naruto locked and stuffed the door with furniture only for Kushina to blow it away. We then have Kushina in an angry voice saying YOURE GOING TO EAT IT RIGHT? Minato tries to calm her down but kushina still gets angry. Naruto gets scared and eats....hehehe

20. What is naruto last scene?
The last scene is when naruto arrives home and surprises to see iruka-sensei with a birthday cake.
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Woodywood03a Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
That is too great for words sashun!!! Some people said that Hinata and Naruto would finally get it on. But there was a AU Naruto, and also... she got hardcore when anyone else beside her gets near Menmom, or Dark Naruto. Wait a sec. Dark Naruto @ the waterfall.... I get it now!!!
budromook Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
How is the movie canon & what do you mean NS Compilation in the DVD Motion Comic, do you mean NaruSaku.
sashun08 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012
Naruto Shippuden (NS) compilation from naruto vs sasuke to the latest chapter of Naruto which includes one shot and RTN we thought it was a canon because it has connection between "One Shot" manga and RTN movie. There's a behind the scenes of making RTN movie.
pandamade Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the spoiler!
sashun08 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012
You're welcome
yohharuna Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2012
What Sakura thought when she met Kushina?
sashun08 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012
Well, all i remember when naruto's parents came in the hokage office, she was shocked and turned her face to naruto. It's like, sakura already met his parents before AU. She also thought that his mother was strong
yohharuna Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
whom does Menma like?
sashun08 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012
I have no idea...Nothing states/shows to whom does he like
Woodywood03a Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
I know what Menma is like, remember Dark Naruto @ the waterfall.... eh, eh?!?!?!?!
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